Chic Bronze PREP
  • Begin exfoliating your skin a couple times throughout the week, leading up to your appointment

  • 24 Hours before your appointment, exfoliate & shave/wax your skin

  • Complete all services prior to your spray tanning appointment. This means manicures, waxing, hair appointments, pedicures, facials, lashes, etc... should all be done FIRST, spray tan should be the LAST service you relieve.

  • Your spray tan will have to be left on for 8-12 hours if receiving a Bronze Signature tan. Express tans can be rinsed 2-4 hours after being applied. Plan your day accordingly. 

  • Arrive to your appointment with clean, bare skin - meaning: skin should be free from make-up, oils, lotions, perfume, deodorant, etc...

  • Bring loose, dark baggy clothing to be worn after your appointment.

Chic Bronze after Care
  • Wait the recommended wait time prior to rinsing your spray tan - your artist will advise you of your rinse off time. 

  • DO NOT wet the skin after being spray tanned, until your first rinse. No sweating, or washing hands.

  • First rinse after being spray tanned should be with WATER ONLY - do not use soaps/body wash or wash your hair. Quick rinse with water until the water runs clear. Pat dry with a towel afterwards.

  • 24 Hours after your first rinse, you may apply coconut oil in the shower in place of body wash/soaps, wash your hair per usual & apply a body moisturizer twice per day.

  • It is recommended to use only coconut oil, almond oil, or a artist approved body wash in the shower instead of soap/body wash & if you must shave, use hair conditioner instead of shaving cream. 

  • It is recommended to begin exfoliating your skin gently 4-5 days into your spray tan. This will help your tan fade naturally. 

  • Drink A LOT of water.

  • Avoid activities that will cause your skin to exfoliate, such as: hot tubs, swimming pools, salt water.

  • Use SPF! Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun after having had a spray tan. So, remember to use waterproof SPF - this will help prevent the tan from fading while doing outdoor activities/swimming.

about me.

Hey, my name is Layne Chantler. I'm a young entrepreneur from Alliston Ontario. My idea of fun is a weekend of showing livestock, I can often be found in the show ring with either beef cattle or heavy horses. I guess you can say I'm a typical farmgirl with a little bit of a girly girl side. I graduated high school from Banting Memorial High School in 2020 and planned on going to Alberta for College, then COVID struck!  I decided last minute to not go right now and start my own business, something I have be passionate about for years!

So here I am Chic Bronze By Layne mobile spray tanning!

So if you need a bronze glow for weddings, special occasions, date night, vacations, beach day, dance/cheerleading or fitness competitions or just need a boost of confidence message me! I would love to pop over and make your bronzed dreams a reality. 

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