Our Year 8 students took part in a Speed Networking event in November as part of our ongoing Careers programme. Working on a carousel system, they all had the opportunity to speak with eight employers from a wide range of sectors, asking questions about the job roles in their company - what they entail and the qualifications and experience required etc. The students were given a list of suggested questions and were also encouraged to ask their own and make notes that they could look back on later. 

The aim of the event was to help students gather information and to discover and explore future career opportunities of which they may not be aware of have yet considered.

We were extremely grateful to all the employers who give up their time to work with us to offer students these unique careers opportunities. This was an invaluable and inspirational opportunity for all our Year 8 students, which gave them really useful information about a wide range of careers and experience of talking with employers.


Thank you to the following people and companies:

  • Kaye Rhead - NHS
  • Nadine Brooks - Congleton Vets
  • Dom Whitehurst - Apples and Pears Private Day Nursery
  • Debbie Simpson and Daniel Plant -  Peak Pursuits
  • Kim Tomkinson and Josh Williams -  Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows
  • Jake Pear - Pear Hospitality Group

We were delighted to be able to welcome back in to school three 澳门图库资料 Alumni, Jake Pear - Managing Director at Pear Hospitality, Nadine Brooks - Veterinary Nurse at Congleton Vets, and Josh WiIliams. Josh left 澳门图库资料 Sixth Form in the summer of 2022 and is currently undertaking a three-year apprenticeship as an Engineering Fitter.