Eight of our students started their Respect Course with at the beginning of March. The programme is led by Youth Engagement staff and firefighters from various stations who are able to share their expertise and who are seen as strong, 鈥媝ositive, and caring role models.

The course is aimed at young people aged from 12 to 16 and provides them with opportunities to shape, build and strengthen their futures. It is designed to help students to grow in confidence, develop resilience and improve their self-esteem.

Participants are encouraged to:

  • embrace challenges
  • share their ideas
  • maximise their potential
  • reflect on their experiences
  • improve communication skills
  • work effectively with each other

Students can select from a list of activities and themes that will best meet their needs and interests and will be issued with their own firefighter outfit to participate. They will be tackling controlled fires, running hoses and (hopefully) even rescuing Mr Morris from a car!

Their first session took place on March 1st and was a great success. Following a safety briefing at the Holmes Chapel Fire Station (and a good look around their fire engine), it was over to Warrington to pick up their safety gear. Fire Fighters have 90 seconds to get in to their safety gear, be in the fire engine and on their way. Our students managed it in just under that! Impressive! Thank you to the teams at both Holmes Chapel and Warrington for a great day.

The course culminates with a graduation on 29th March, where the participating students will undertake a simulation that will test all that they have learned.